Da- BANGG!! – why Dabangg worked…

Dabangg case study

Well, now everyone knows that it has worked indeed for Salman Khan and Arbaaz khan productions. A neat pile of money, dream of every producer, but a hard to please lover. What is it that makes certain movies a hit. Intellectually Dabangg scores lesser points than maybe 3 Idiots or My name is Khan. But then again, its debatable how much of these movies was intellectual part, and how much of it was targeted attempt to woo a certain segment of masses.

Its hard to believe that movies can be created from scratch, to woo a certain class. But its in fact true. MNIK, and 3 idiots were very well crafted marketing strategies, that had USP s like Aamir and Shahrukh, insights like insecurity of religion, and academics. A common problem for a great number of people in India. Hence all the accolades. In case of Dabangg, there are no pretenses, no quasi social message giving, nothing to woo your intellect. Still it worked. In recent past, many Salman movies have done poorly in market. Especially the ones in which he has not carried on his popular image. But one would wonder, that there are still movies in which he had the particular image, yet the movie has failed. So it must be a combination of story written with masses in mind, and huge popularity of Salman’s bad boy image.

People know that movie is going to be a mindless entertainment. But rarely do people want to take pains to think about the movies too seriously. A mistake many producers do. They forget what they are selling. Its just a movie, 3 hrs for a person which he will forget soon, or rather wants to forget soon, and move on with life. Movies with lasting impressions, more or less tickle your intellect and make you think forcibly, something most people hate cause we are already thinking about what our next job will be, if we can marry soon, how will we achieve the dream to buy that spacious apartment, etc etc. Dabangg was marketed as a movie should be. Its not a life changing event, any movie rarely is, so they kept the promotions very normal, nothing like what Aamir did for 3 idiots of Ghajini. The invitation was plain and frank. ” come, have some fun”, and well who doesn’t want to.

Of course they had taken great efforts to introduce every necessary item. A new face, a tried and tested figure, a regular bad boy to play the bad boy. And well, Chulbul Pande is also a little corrupt, so very believable character. The basic rule of advertising is to make people believe that its for real. An offer too hard to refuse immediately sounds suspicious to skeptical and argumentative Indian minds. More than anything, its sheer style of Salman Khan that has driven this movie. Every time a movie comes with a cult fashion statement, the movie is likely to become a talk of the town, and as a result does well at the box office. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is suddenly an increase in sales of Ray-Ban and young Dabanggs tucking them on the backside of their shirts roaming around. Setting a new trend is always great for the movies.

A product made for masses must more or less target masses for it to be sold. Simple really! But in spite of movies being resorts of hope and dreams for commoners, many film makers do nothing that identifies with the viewer. Dabbang won the competition not at all by marketing or anything, it was the visible Paunch of CHulbul Pande that did the trick. Afterall almost everyone has a Paunch in India. 🙂


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