Goodbye Dreamer

Our normal day begins and ends, with a million little thoughts carrying us for the hours of wakefulness. Over the years you learn to filter the needless thoughts. Only a handful of them remain important. Only a handful make you drop whatever you are doing and take notice. There is just one in a million which makes you change yourself so completely. Steve Jobs was responsible for at least a dozen such thoughts which changed humanity. The thing about legends is that they are easily taken for granted when they walk amongst us. When they are no more, the world is in pain by the thought of losing them.

Steve Jobs is no more.

We know people who still think its a rumor and any time now it would be declared that it was just a marketing gimmick. Wishful thinking, but in a corner of my heart even I wish for the same. World will suddenly go back to normal now. Nothing extra ordinary will happen for a while. There would not be excitement of the next launch. This is the kind of feeling one gets after they know that magic isn’t real. Its just a trick. World suddenly seems so dull and grey. Amongst his greatest achievement, there is no mention of making people relive their childhood. But its indeed its the only achievement that makes people genuinely sad for him today. Now there would be speculation on whether Apple would continue to be what it is. Whether Tim Cook can shoulder the responsibility for a while. He probably will do well. But it remains to be seen if anything legendary will happen again ? Will their be another i-pod and iphone for us ? Only time will tell. For now we pay tribute to the man, and the legend! Steve Jobs may not make another presentation, but he will always be present amongst us. Shine On Steve!


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