Jugaad- why people do things when you ask nicely

Recently we had to go to a lot of trouble to activate the facebook account of our friend. With a lot of talks going on about the management technique that India calls it’s own, we could easily relate to why it has been talked about so much. Simply because it works. So here is a brief overview of what had happened. 

The Problem: Our friend had forgotten to change her mobile number on facebook, and because of similar passwords on some other site or some other technical reason, facebook decided to block her account. Now she was not in the position to acquire the old number, as it was a number she used when she was staying out of India, and she had no clue what had happened to that number. Without the phone verification, the account cannot be re-activated. So we tried many things, read up the whole help section in facebook, but to no avail. All that we got from other blogs is we have to forget the old account and move on. We even tried getting in touch with the operator, but it went nowhere as she didn’t even remember which operator it was, besides it would have taken ages to go through it. There is no way to communicate this matter to facebook, or at least we couldn’t find any way to do it. So all in all, it was a nice mess, and there was no solution in sight. 

Solution: Often the simplest solution is the most effective one, and taking break opens up your mind to it. So we did what we usually do when a confrontation with roadblocks in creative project comes up. We took a long break, and kind of forgot all about it. A simple ideation process, just let your mind work it out, you already have given it enough inputs. Finally after a long time somebody had an epiphany! We decided to call on the number to check if it has been allocated to someone. To our surprise it was, and it kept ringing for some time. Somebody picked up, and started talking in a foreign language, one of our team-members braved on, and kept talking in English. Maybe it was the tone he used, or just the curiosity of knowing what he was trying to say that made the guy on the other end hand over the phone to his friend. His friend was very fluent in English, being a marketing executive himself, a kindred spirit 😀 So we explained the situation to him, and hoped that they would understand. The person told us that the guy who owned that number was getting frustrated because of the number of confirmation codes that were being sent to him, and if this is what it took to stop it, they would be glad to do it. So they messaged us the code, and finally we were able to confirm our friend’s identity. It took a while, and we had to talk to total stranger, but our cause was just, and we asked nicely which helped us in the end. This was one of those times when we felt that we are truly living up to our motto, and communication indeed has limitless possibilities. 


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