Where did my soup go??

When bread crumbs drain your soup…

When I was a child, I used to hate the tomato, along with a million other things like broccoli, spinach and carrot. Needless to say, mom was never impressed by my antics, and could not fathom the depth of my hatred for all things vegetable. In an inspirational moment she thought of a functional cure for my dislike. She would often make me drink soups of afore mentioned unmentionables. Of course as I grew up, I found myself fortunate, and in bliss of various delicacies which she whips up till date. Still, it stirs up a few interesting memories when I have any kind of soup today.

Like any advertiser, my mother faced the same monstrosity. The target audience was least interested in buying her tricks. Then in an eventful dinner at the diner in town, she found her insight. An offer which I seemed unable to refuse. Mom ordered a tomato soup for herself and with it came the bread crumbs which she asked me to try. As something completely new, I was taken aback and in that moment of weakness I fell victim to the bread crumbs. Viola!! I loved them to my mother’s delight and surprise. This begun a new saga in her attempts to keep my nutrition up to the mark. She actually never had to do anything but see to it that a few extra bread crumbs were put in my soup. I used to devour it gladly, just like your TG takes to the hottest offers. You give them a real nice discount and they are all for your brand, at least that’s how it seems.

A few months down the line in my adventures with the tomato soup, I learned that bread crumbs are food sent from heaven. I used to take liberty in putting as many in my soup as possible. One fine day, I looked in my bowl and realized there was no soup in it, just the bread crumbs. I was happy, yet curiosity took better part of me, and I asked my mother where my soup was. She said its in the bread crumbs. She found it too amusing I guess. Another few months down the line, she thought it was time for her son to grow up, and learn that bread crumbs are just for fun. So she asked me to have soup without the crumbs. I was skeptical but I did give it a try. I found it okay but somehow till date I never enjoy it without the bread crumbs dipped in it. Guess mom went a little wrong in making me eat the soup with the bribe. I was never really in love with the soup; rather I couldn’t have been because I was too absorbed in the crumbs, just the way soup was absorbed in them!

Thing to learn is, people never really stick with you permanently as long as they like your brand for what it stands. Offers are good to grab their attention I guess. Sometime during the relationship building with new consumers, offers should be replaced by genuine advantages, which gives them the real taste of the brand. Otherwise its human to misidentify the offer for the brand, making the brand handicapped of the offers. Balance is again a key to know where to stop offer bread and improve the taste of soup. Obviously it must be done well  before the crumbs absorb the soup in the bowl.Slurp!

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