Kyun darta hai tu yaar- Microsoft going nuts!

We like watching and making good, sensible commercials in Purple Rabbit. Often our evenings are spent discussing works of others, and yes we have been very contemptuous of some of the lames creatives you have ever seen. However Microsoft’s latest release, a part of their campaign for Windows 8 has left us totally speechless. We didn’t know how to react to that. Here is the closest transcript of the unofficial massacre of the said advertisement. ( the space between the lines is full with sarcasm, so read gently dear reader, read very very gently) 

H: You saw how SRT got the glorious fifty? He is so back in business. 😛 

A: haha, yeah right, England is going to be spanked into smithereens! By the way, you saw what Microsoft did? Man it was horrendous! 

H: Really now, horrendous? Where did you get from, the southern hole? And yes I saw that. I didn’t get it though. Maybe it was way above my iq. 

A: Hmm, could be. “Kyun darta hai tu  yaar mujh pe daav laga”. What could it possibly mean… maybe they are talking about how normal users are afraid of using original Microsoft merchandise. 

H: Oh, and the ugly effort that girl is putting in is somehow related with how difficult it is to buy other operating systems. 

A: What other operating systems?

H: Oh, I don’t know, but what else could she be trying to say. 

A: Heh, such an amaeture! It’s simple. See the guy is trying to show a video and the girl is trying to work. So they are saying, you can do both. 

H: Oh, so why Kyun darta hai tu yaar?? They could have got absolutely any song. This one is from the dud we had bargained to see. 

A: You mean Aagey Se Right? Oh!!! Well, I don’t know.. I guess they wanted a really unpopular song. Unpopular songs are not related to anything, and nobody knows them anyway. So yeah what better way to bring them back in fashion. People already know what windows 8 is. 

H: Yeah.. I didn’t get that. So basically it’s about taking life head on, and balancing both work and play. So it’s like, don’t be afraid to bet on yourself to get it done! 

A: Whoa! yeah dude totally! 

( Awkward silence) 

H: Really? 

A; No ( rofl) 

H: Oh thank god. For a second I almost believed you. You should go for all the pitches now. 

A: I do go for all the pitches. 

H: Oh! Yeah whatever dude. 


No hard feelings there Redmond. But honestly, you guys need to get a better handle on advertisements for Windows 8. We loved the OS, and it’s so depressing to see some ordinary communications for it. 


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